Make It Work

Nothing will happen on its own. We need to work for it and see the gradual build up. During this journey, all stakeholders have certain roles and responsblities for it to work.
  • Do Post
  • Be realistic while posting
  • Accept/Reject Quote
  • Evaluate mapped Suppliers
  • Get added your reliable Suppliers
  • Upload Purchase Order the same day
  • Communicate well with suppplier
  • Provide inspection report
  • Make Payment in time
  • Upload all details well in time
  • Analyze each post with mapped Supplier
  • Review performance of mapped Supplier
  • Constantly add more and more Supplier
  • Train and follow up with each Supplier for quotes
  • Work very closely with Buyer to understand all requirenments
  • Help and support Buyer for all his needs
  • Continuously Train and Develop both Buyer and Suppliers
  • To constantly view posts of all Buyers
  • To constantly quote where commercials allow him to deliver
  • At least quote few times where commercial do not fall in line
  • To Continuously interact over mail with Potatobazar and Buyers about any techno commercials issues
  • To acknowledge acceptances of accepted quotes
  • To coordinate with Buyer after receipt of PO
Build-up will happen in three phases.
Gestation phase : 2-4 weeks; Minimum 2 successful vendors with perpetual business out of all mapped Suppliers.
Maturity phase : 2-3 months; Minimum 10 vendors fully lined up to continuously quote and do business perpetually.
Growth phase : Continuous activity; Volume will grow with more and more Suppliers; Volume will grow with each Suppplier
Potatobazar is committed to invest time, energy and money to make it work; we look forward to your commitmemt too.