Continuous supplier identification
Complete understanding of your company and requirement makes us equipped to identify right suppliers.
Efficient and fast supplier registration
For most suppliers we already possess the required documents for vendor registration thus the activity becomes very fast and efficient.
Supplier training and development
Once our team understand all your processes of quality specifications, payment etc. then it is easier for us to train and develop suppliers. Both on technical and commercial parameters.
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Our business team will provide a dedicated business executive to continuously interact with you to solve your trade related issues.
Supplier wise report of quotes and payment history would be available on a single click.
More, better and perpetual business opportunity
More: In terms of volume
Better: Institutional buyers are much reliable
Perpetual: Once register with institutional buyer you are perpetually given opportunity to supply.
Efficient & fast conclusion of trade
Efficient: Technology makes it very efficient which otherwise is impossible physically to deal with more than 10 buyers simultaneously.
Fast: Trade commences at 9 am and gets concluded by 12 pm on the same day.
Proper documentation to make the trade reliable and risk free.
Risk free trade: Only way to ensure reliability is to get documentation done very properly and thus PO is very important.
All past reports of purchase orders and payments are available on a single click.
Buyer wise reports are very essential to maintain good relationships. Report avoids conflict and brings transparency.
Business guidance and support from business team.
Continuous improvement can only come through proper learning and guidance. That is the hall mark of this initiative.